Why worry when you can bake?

Hurricanes, topical storms, surges, floods, all these words have been justifiably front and center in the news over the past 3 weeks. Stories of loss, destruction, fright and anguish. And then, a story like this surfaces to provide a few moments of hope and comfort. In the darkest hours, kindness and generosity shine a bright light. There is goodness in humanity, always.

I hope you take comfort from this story as I did.

Have a great week-end.

Despite Being Trapped, Bakers Spend Days Making Bread For Other Hurricane Victims

By the time these Mexican bakers were ready to go home, the floodwaters were already too high. Instead of worrying about the fate of their city, however, they decided to put their talents to good use and bake hundreds of loaves of bread for their fellow hurricane victims. The four bakers of El Bolillo Bakery in…

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