Patchy wireless connection

Hello, can you hear me?

My commute to work crosses an area of patchy wireless connection. A sort of undeclared WiFi Bermuda triangle on the west- island. This phenomenon seems to have gone by undetected or it can be my overactive imagination. Whatever the case may be, there is a specific moment in my commute where I lose touch with the worldwide web. A moment of realization of just how ‘connected’ I am, at all times.


As a child, there was a hymn that I really loved. It had an uplifting tune to it and a powerful message. It was called ‘Telephone el Sama’ ( Heaven’s telephone).

The lyrics are simple: the phone to heaven is always connected, your heavenly Father always answers it.

Extremely Reassuring!

Every time I pass by my secret WiFi Bermuda triangle, where all wireless connections are lost, I think of my Heavenly connection and feel at peace.

You can listen to the hymn here: Heavenly Phone Hymn

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