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Why did Jonah the prophet run?

Hello friends,


When we hear the word ‘Prophet’, our brains relate it to specific assumptions such as faith, obedience, loyalty. This is why Jonah’s actions are so astonishing! Why did Jonah the prophet run?

I probably would have done the same. Having reflected upon this Biblical episode many times, I invite you to read the following 3 reflections that this question has inspired: Why did Jonah the Prophet run?


Jonah’s Fast – Three days in the dark

Total darkness.

Total darkness.

Completely detached from the world. In a cocoon with only one thing to do: pray!

Can you imagine 3 days of stillness in communication with our Lord?

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Reflecting on Jonah the prophet: I run faster than him!

My family and friends must have looked twice at the title of this post; I don’t run, ever. In fact, if anyone was chasing me, I would probably surrender right away ( and suffer my fate with dignity) than attempt to run and still end up caught (with no dignity as I would be gasping for air).

Considering these revelations, about my sub-par physical fitness level, out-running Jonah seems like a boastful statement that is as truthful as any April Fool’s day joke.

But, it is true.

I run faster than Jonah.

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Covid-19 is our Spiritual Belly of the Whale

Jonas, Jonas, Jonas… how could you ever think you could run away from God?

I mean, you believed in God; you were His prophet, and yet somehow you convinced yourself that you could run away from the almighty. Your fear silenced your faith, and instead of believing in God’s provision, in His guidance, you believed in yourself, in your decision not to carry out the mission.

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Blessed Jonah’s Feast everyone.


In Christ,


Recommended Children’s Book on this topic: Philo and the Faithfulness SuperHoly

Additional Coptic resources on this topic: A Message of Salvation


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