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When your cooking is compared to canned goods!

No fancy-schmancy here! In fact, they compared my cooking to canned goods!


Some people like to exaggerate the elegance of a dish they cooked and make it sound fancy. For example, calling pigs in a blanket “cocktail sausages in a delicate puff pastry shell”. I have to overcome the opposite challenge: my family suspects any “fancy” sounding dish I present.


I downplay the name of any new recipe just to ensure that they will actually give it a chance! Therefore, Nigella Lawson’s delicious Greek Lamb Stew recipe became known as beef and pasta! I switched the lamb for beef because we do not welcome lamb at our house. However, I did not expect that the recipe would be further humiliated by being compared to Chef Boyardee!!


That is right.


After I had spent hours on a slow-cooked, wine macerated, herbs enhanced, spoon-tender beef stew with perfectly al dente pasta and the dish gets compared to canned goods. To be fair, apparently, the comment was meant as a compliment!


I present to you Nigella’s original recipe:  



Pictures of my Nigella Boyardee creation:


If you are interested in trying her recipes, I recommend her book: How to Eat.

It remains one of my favorite cookbooks. Here is the link for the paperback edition – affiliate links.

How To Eat: The Pleasures and Principles of Good Food (Vintage Classics Anniversary) by [Nigella Lawson]



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