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What will you hold on to from 2020 to 2021?

Hello friend,


What is your New Year’s wish?


Any resolutions? What will you hold on to from 2020 to 2021?


For the first time in a century, I think we can safely assume that everyone has the same wish: for the year to be over and for Covid-19 to be a memory, a historical event, and not an everyday reality.
I have a slightly modified wish. Obviously, I pray that the pandemic that has caused indescribable pain, suffering, death, and loss (of all kinds) to be over.
But my heart’s wish is this:
My wish for 2021:
I wish to carry with me certain aspects of 2020.
My resolution for 2021:
I resolve to live as close to how I have been living in 2020.


Before you close this article in disbelief or anger, allow me to explain.
2020 has been a masterclass in: “I am not in control of ANYTHING except my own thoughts and actions,” and that is quite liberating.
2020 has forced me to slow down, which was my resolution for 2020 in an ironically prophetic kind of way. Although, I am confident I would have failed had it not been imposed upon me.


So what would I keep from 2020?


On the smallest scale, I would like to keep my weekends more like 2020 and less like 2019.
My weekends have never been less occupied than this year. Which means their initial objective has finally been fulfilled. I took a break whether I intended to or not!
A 2019 weekend was a whirlwind of errands, activities, and events. It almost always left me exhausted. I actually looked forward to Mondays for things to “slow down.”
A 2020 weekend was an imposed mini-vacation.
What will a 2021 weekend look like?


I have not a clue, but I pray it is a healthy and relaxing balance of downtime and time spent with family and cherished friends.


The same holds true of other aspects of our lives: service, volunteer work, hobbies, friendships. This year cast a powerful spotlight on our realities, priorities, and objectives.


Through an invisible process, this year edited out anything superfluous, negative, unedifying.


Survival mode has this effect; it allows us to confront feelings, hopes, dreams, failures, disappointments and decide what to do with them and about them.


On a spiritual level, 2020 gave me the luxury of time and the opportunity to read phenomenal books, primarily the Bible!


This brings me to a concluding thought and prayer:
My prayer:


In 2021, should our world return to what it looked like in 2019, I hope that the lessons I learnt in 2020 become lifelong habits.
Eyes on Heaven
Mind focused on my objectives
Heart full of love for everyone but with the benefit of wisdom and discernment
Time spent surrounded by those I hold most dear
Taking life one day at a time
Grateful for the opportunity to carry on, thankful for countless blessings, visible and invisible, that I foolishly took for granted.
I wish that 2021 fulfills your hopes and prayers.
Thank you for letting me be a part of your 2020. 


In Christ,



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