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How to enjoy Halloween as a Christian family? There are ways!

Christians can enjoy Halloween! 


I hope you are enjoying the fall/autumn season and taking the time to admire the beauty of the changing colours.


Halloween is being celebrated by young and old this week in many countries worldwide. Halloween is a MEGA celebration in North America, on which 2.6 billion dollars are spent in the United States. It is also one of those secular celebrations that proves challenging for Christian families (for obvious reasons).


Personally, I love watching children dress up, and their faces light up as they happily collect candies.


I don’t encourage the traditional glorification of doom and gloom.

Nor do I agree with any representation that is evil or satanic.

But I think Christian families can still enjoy that Halloween.


We are blessed to attend a church that hosts an “All Saints Night” on Halloween night, where the children dress up, play games and activities in the Church social hall, and come home with a bounty of goodies! 


On a smaller scale, we can still “enjoy” Halloween – Christian style in our homes!


Here are some of my favourite ideas to infuse Christian faith and activities during Halloween:




I was fortunate to stumble upon a Parents’ Guide to Halloween by the Axis organization, which provides an excellent historical summary, context, and things to consider when determining how to celebrate Halloween as a Christian family: A Parents’ Guide to Halloween.



I wish you many delicious candies and very few cavities!

In Christ,



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