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The Sound of silence – A Christmas Meditation

Blessed Coptic Christmas, dear friends, 


I hope and pray that you are enjoying the first few days of 2021.


My family and I are eagerly anticipating Christmas eve to celebrate the “reason for the season” as they say: the birth of Christ.


Ever wondered what it sounded like when our Savior was born?


Normally, a birth is a rather noisy event. What with the voices of the family members, the baby, the medical staff, the machines, and countless other sounds. But that was not the case for our Lord or for the Holy Virgin Saint Mary.

It was a rather quiet event. 






Something Saint Mary was very familiar with! 


Until recently, I had not given it much thought. Until I had the blessing of collaborating on a meditation for CYC, inspired by the work of Father Tadros Malaty and edited by my beloved friend, Ireini Ghobri. 

I hope you enjoy it and that we all benefit from the example set forth by our Holy Theotokos.

I quietly wish you a Blessed Christmas!

In Christ, 




©mireille mishriky, author


A bird might be heard twittering

The sound of water gurgling in the fountain

The priest would be heard chanting

But few words were uttered in the temple

Silence would have been the constant companion of Saint Mary

The thumping of the dough

The kneading of the bread

The sound of oil streaming in a pot

The silent soundtrack of a life of service and prayer at Jospeh’s house 

Suddenly, the words of the Angel pierced the silence for a brief moment

The announcement that would change the world, change her life, save all our lives left her in silent contemplation, with the words etched in her heart but her lips were sealed. Silence remaining her faithful friend.

Not a word did she utter when she met Elizabeth

The silence was only shattered  by a baby leaping in another womb

Exalted among all women

Her heart silently praying for what was to come

And on that fateful night

Silence reigned once more

Without an orchestra, a Choir, or carols

Without the chatter, the sighs, the exclamations preceding a delivery 


Until the first cry of our Lord

And the declaration of the Hosts of Angels 

That our Saviour was born

Saint Mary welcomed her child and her King silently

Teaching us that words are unnecessary when the heart praises the Lord night and day

That Christmas in silent contemplation of our salvation is how the first Christmas was celebrated and how every Christmas should be celebrated



Without fanfare

Without a lit tree and a hundred gifts

Because we received the best gift

2000 years ago




Visit CYC’s YouTube Channel here.

In Christ,



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