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God always provides: what I learned from Captain Crow

When you lose a confrontation with a crow and it teaches you a valuable lesson! God always provides, I learnt this lesson in the most unsuspecting ways and from a rather intimidating teacher. He had been staring at me since I sat down. I took one look at him and decided that my usual indifference might be upgraded to annoyance, for this occasion. As I was accustomed to these looks, intense, unflinching, and almost predatory, I tried to ignore him. Usually, I took comfort in the fact that a window separated us and that we each go our separate way,...

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Watching “Finding Dory” taught me to stop worrying.

If you are a worrier raise your hand! Once upon a time, there was a mother who claimed to have faith in God, and in His will and mercy. And then, her only child started Summer Camp. For the first time.  Ever.  Subsequently, proverbial Hell broke loose. Doubts and worries replaced Faith, as did flashbacks of every Criminal Minds episode her excellent memory could conjure up. Hours seemed longer than their supposed 60 minutes duration. The clock was consulted every minute and a half until pick up time rolled around. Then again, the pickup ritual started 45 minutes before its...

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