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Sunday School Lesson:Tower of Pride- Also known as Babel

Tower of Babel 101 I had the blessing of teaching a lesson about the Tower of Babel. I must admit, I thought that this lesson would be rather "simple" to prepare and deliver. After all, most of the students in my class ( grade three) must have heard this story at least once, if not more, before. Lesson plan I decided to start the lesson with a little game of "broken telephone" just to illustrate how communication can be difficult sometimes. After a few rounds full of giggles, one of the students automatically made the link between the game and...

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Sunday School Treasure Hunt:How to create your own Sunday Funday!

Moment of truth: Sunday School is not always ‘fun’.  At least not by the kids’ standards of what constitutes fun. There are no video-games, super heroes or animation. They are required to sit down and to listen to “a lesson”, either a story or a spiritual concept or to learn about the history of the Church ( through discussions about the Feasts, Fasts and Sacraments).

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