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Best Vegan Cookbooks full of easy & delicious recipes to help end the repetitiveness of vegan suppers during the 55 days of Lent!

Man cannot live by bread alone… True! But 55 days of vegan suppers can get repetitive pretty quickly. This is why I have been reading vegan and vegetarian cookbooks to help end the repetitiveness of vegan suppers during the 55 days of Lent! I always start out Lent with the best Spiritual objectives in mind: more time studying the Bible, less time devoted to worldly activities. Usually, I also start with ambitious culinary intentions, as well. For example, I delude myself into thinking that I will not serve the same dinner twice during Lent. Holy Week is my exception Holy...

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I am doing God a favor!

I am doing God a favour, or so I thought... The Coptic Orthodox Church follows an annual calendar, culminating in Easter, celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord and our resulting salvation. While I do not like to play favourites, Lent (the 55 days preceding Easter) is my favourite time of year. Lent, especially the last 7 days of Holy Week, is like a spiritual energizing tonic, a sort of a Spiritual enhancement program. I look forward to these 55 days to carry me through the rest of the year. While I should be focusing on my Spiritual life every single...

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55 days to the finish line: Lent is upon us!

Is Lent your favourite time of year? It is mine. Except, I never really asked myself about my preference for Lent, before. As a foodie, you would think that 55 days of veganism would have me tearing up (I do struggle by week 4). Instead, I find myself looking forward to Lent. I think part of the appeal is that it feels like a journey that the whole church is embarking upon. For 55 days, we all have our eyes on the prize, we all want to cross the finish line and we all want to arrive together to the...

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