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Sunday School Lesson: How do we practice Hospitality?

Do we practice hospitality only with our friends and family members or do we practice hospitality on a daily basis? How many times have we opened our homes to complete strangers? Let me rephrase this question (I realize that safety concerns may have led you to answer my question with a resounding “Never”.)

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A New Sunday School year begins! Blessed Feast of the Nayruz, Coptic New Year

A New Sunday School year begins: Yesterday, we celebrated the start of the Coptic New Year (The Feast of the Nayruz) which also signals the start of a new Sunday School year. It was difficult to bid farewell to my beloved Sunday School angels but I was blessed to meet my new class and my co-servants. I will be serving Grade 1 and 2 this year. To set a warm welcome tone for the little ones, I decorated the entrance with colourful helium balloons and greeted the children as they entered the class. Small gestures that had a big impact....

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