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Why Does Time For Ourselves Evoke Guilty Feelings?

Saturday Morning might mean driving one child to a soccer practice, another to a birthday party, dropping off the dry clean, picking up the first child from soccer and the second one from swimming or was the second one at a birthday party? This means that the closest you ever get to a leisurely breakfast is watching other families enjoying theirs as you wait for your latte in the drive-through lane.

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When you go on vacation, do your prayers take a hike?

Vacation plans can present their own set of challenges. A consensus among family members has to be reached. Various alliances are formed, treacherous behavior is to be expected, “mom is right, we should go to Europe this year” says the conniving child while winking at his father. Bargains are negotiated, treaties are signed “You may have 3 consecutive Pizza nights preceding and following the vacation should we go to Cuba instead of Disney”.

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