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A sink full of dishes; a heart full of love.

Good day, With so much troubling, worrying, and negative news stories, I thought I would start a new tradition of finding positive articles, stories, or anecdotes that I would share with you to start the week. This story was shared on CNN (the link is attached at the end of the article). I have transcribed it here in case it gets removed by that webmaster at a future date.  Florida woman took dishwashing job so she could visit husband with Alzheimer's during pandemic Mary Daniel took a job as a dishwasher at a nursing home so she could visit her...

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Sunday Morning Meant Going to Church

Those were the days... Sunday morning meant going to Church. Period. There were no alternatives, no deviations, no postponement, no rainchecks. If we were breathing come Sunday morning, it meant we would soon start getting ready to go to Church. We followed this same routine after our son was born. He attended Liturgy, religiously (no pun intended) since his baptism day.  When he started crawling, I would spend most of Liturgy attempting to mollify his burgeoning independence by carrying him lest he escaped and climbed the shallow steps leading to the altar, God forbid!  When he started walking, we spent...

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