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“Fit in” or follow Christ? Help your child face peer pressure at school.

Peer-Pressure Greetings friends, Another school year is starting and with it comes new adventures and new challenges for our children. I think we share particular worries as we face a new academic year: will my child like his/her teacher, the homework battles are about to begin (more about homework strategies here), balancing after school activities with an already busy schedule, etc. However, I think our children face an even more significant challenge at the start of every school year: peer pressure. Peer pressure starts at a much earlier age than we actually think and is not exclusive to high school...

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His Life Depends on Them!!

  Good day, friends, Recently, I came across an internet meme about the upcoming return to school that made me chuckle: “I can’t believe March break is almost over.” And what a March break it has been. I will spare you the details as we have all experienced this pandemic together, on a global scale. How we experience this new academic year will likely be similar, albeit with some variations. Like the majority of parents, we fretted over the decision of our child returning to school, in-person, school. In our case, the choice was almost imposed by our provincial government;...

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