SuperHolies’ Summer Camp Fun

The SuperHolies went to Summer Camp!

The weather is getting colder and the days are getting grayer; nothing like pictures of sweet angels enjoying the SuperHolies at summer camp to add some warmth and light to my Monday!

This summer, Saint Paul’s Coptic Orthodox Mission Church of Chicago, leveraged the SuperHolies during their summer camp. I feel blessed and honoured that the SuperHolies were deemed useful to teach children about the love of Christ.

My dear friend Sandra sent me these beautiful pictures and the ingenious way that the SuperHolies were incorporated into the material:

”The kids all had a chance to listen to ‘Philo and the Superholies’ during one of the exploration stations.

The theme of that day was ‘When we are powerless, Jesus rescues!’

Each kid also got one of the 3 books as a gift at the end of our camp. They loved it.”



The congregation is blessed to be shepherded by Father James whom I had the blessing of knowing when he used to attend our church in Montreal. Life has come full circle in the most beautiful way!

Here is the link to Saint Paul’s Coptic Orthodox Mission Church of Chicago, Father James is well known for his beautiful sermons: 

God bless,

In Christ,


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After graduating with a Major in Journalism, Mireille’s career path took an unexpected turn away from her beloved pen and paper. It took an equally unexpected turn of events for Mireille to start writing again.After spending many hours (too many!) watching super hero cartoons with her son, she realized that most Christian children are unaware of their superpowers!She set about creating the SuperHolies: the Fruits of the Holy Spirit re-imagined as superpowers to grab the children’s attention and teach them about their faith and its glory.

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