Sumac & Seven-Spice Roast Chicken Recipe and Book Review

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I am a cookbook collector. In fact, I find it hard to resist the urge to purchase more cookbooks even though my collection is quite extensive.

I rationalize and justify the purchase by imagining all of the delicious recipes that I will cook for my family. Truth be told, my family would rather I keep cooking the same recipes over and over again so I should probably find a better reason for buying yet another book about food.

Luckily, this book Saffron in the Souks: Vibrant recipes from the heart of Lebanon is a winner!


I loved reading about the author’s adventures in a country I long to visit one day and the recipes are delicious!

I made the Sumac & 7 spice roast chicken recipe (on page 89) and my family requested that we add it to our rotation menu which is the highest praise I could ever hope to get from them!

Here is a link to the recipe: sumac & 7 spice roast chicken, which I found online (approved source- no copyright infringement). Click on the forward arrow, 4 times, to arrive at the recipe. 

However,  I do encourage you to purchase the book because it is spectacular and a joy to read and cook from (if you click on the name of the book, above, it will take you to the Kindle edition on Amazon- affiliate link).

Here is how our chicken turned out:




In Christ,



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