Sunday School Lesson: An Apple Led To Baptism

An apple led to Baptism

How do you explain the need for Baptism to 3rd graders?

I struggled with this question as I was preparing my Sunday School lesson.

I figured that a crash course in Christian History was necessary. A sort of voyage through time. So I created this questionnaire:

  1. Who remembers Adam and Eve? They all did.
  2. Who remembers The apple? They all did.
  3. Who could tell me the link between the appel and Baptism? Hmmm, Not so sure- And rightly so! 

This video was a great introduction to the explanation:

I then recounted a rather unhappy school memory. I had a teacher who must have had strong musketeer leanings: she believed in All for One and One for All. If anyone talked, during class, then the whole class would be punished. This was also my first case of rebellion. The strategy seemed extremely unfair to me. Why should I be punished for my neighbour’s incapacity to listen to the lesson?

The same with Baptism, I explained. Instead of all perishing due to one bad decision and one seemingly irresistible apple, we are all granted redemption through Baptism.

He who is baptized will be saved, but he who does not believe will be condemned (Mark 16:16)

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