His Holiness, Pope Tawadros II blessing the SuperHolies with his signature and his kind words of encouragement. If there was ever a literary prize in the Coptic world, this would be it for me,  for what better acknowledgement can a Coptic author aspire to than blessings from the representative of Christ on earth?

I am beyond grateful to His Grace Bishop Boulos (Diocese of Ottawa, Montreal and Eastern Canada) for his love and support and for making this wish come true.

With the best bookstore team ever! God bless the Good Seed: fortunate to have attended the one year anniversary of the Good Seed bookstore and library at Saint Mary’s Coptic Orthodox church in Montreal. Most beautiful bouquet of flowers, an awesome time reading Philo and the SuperHolies to the angels at church and amazing company. God bless and reward the servants and Fr. Tadros El Masry for all of their hard work.
Reading Philo et Les SaintesPuissances to the angels at Saint Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church in Montreal.
Mireille Mishriky, author


I had the honour of being interviewed by Laura, author of the phenomenal Coptic Mom and Dad blog! It was a blessing and a privilege!

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Good morning!

I had the honor of being interviewed by Kathryn!

Find the article here.

Book Cover: Philo and the SuperHolies


Book Cover: Philo and the Patience SuperHoly



Mireille Mishriky, Author Has Published a New Book: “Philo and the Superholies”; Christian Children Have Super Powers

Montreal, Canada, June 24, 2016 –(PR.com)– “Christian children have super powers,” says Mireille Mishriky in her first book. “Real super powers. Powers that put those of fictional superheroes to shame. And yet, most Christian children only discover their powers much later on in life. This tragedy ends today.”

Read full article here.

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