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Philo, Shifo, and the Love SuperHoly

Greetings friends, 

It gives us tremendous joy to announce the publication of Volume 7 in the SuperHolies Series: Philo, Shifo, and the Love Super holy 


Join Philo as he faces his newest challenge: 

Learning to love those who are difficult to like!


Perfectly timed for Christmas!
About the true meaning of Christmas


Plot summary:

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and Philo is absolutely miserable! What did he do to deserve such a dismal Christmas vacation? Instead of fun and games, he is stuck with his young cousin who is proving very difficult to love! His cousin has taken over Philo’s room, his daily routine, even his annual Christmas traditions. And just when Philo thought it could not get any worse, his cousin did the unthinkable.

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What the readers are saying:


Never heard about the SuperHolies before?

As a Coptic Orthodox author and a Sunday school teacher, I could never find edifying and entertaining books to make our children realize the power of their faith and the glory of our Lord. I set about creating and publishing a series of picture storybooks entitled Philo and the SuperHolies, about the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, re-imagined as Super Powers!! 

The first book tells the story of Philo, an everyday Christian boy who suddenly discovers his Holy powers and how to activate them. The story follows Philo as he learns to harness the gifts of the Holy Spirit to become a role model to other children and a more engaged Christian.

In the second book, Philo learns how to activate the Patience SuperHoly in order to remain calm during Liturgy!

In the third book, Philo learns how to activate the power of the Joy SuperHoly to deal with the challenges we face in life.

In the fourth book, Philo is confronted with peer-pressure and must decide whether to remain faithful to Jesus or not.

In the fifth book, Philo must learn to resist temptation and tell the truth even if it can land him in trouble.  

In the sixth book, Philo leverages the Peace SuperHoly to confront his fears. 


Lastly, a Colouring and Activity Book based on the series!


Discount Alert!!!

Please contact me via email should you wish to make a bulk order for your Church’s library.

I would be thrilled to arrange a special discount for your purchase.

Please visit me at https://www.mireillemishriky.com/shop/ to learn more about the series.


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