Pentecost Meditation: The Mission

What is our mission? Let us review how this all started!


Pentecost Meditation: The Mission

What if…

What if we have it all wrong?

What if we misunderstood the timeline?

Salvation started in a manger, followed by the cross, and ended with the resurrection.

That much is certain.



Is that how the story was meant to end?


We were once condemned.

 Now we are redeemed.

He was once on earth.

He is now in heaven.

We were meant to die.

Now we can live forever.


Is that it?

Is that all it was meant to be?

A one-time mission of salvation?


Let’s review the tape:

Christ in a manger

At 30 years of age, He starts His ministry

He sends them two by two


The King is on the cross

The earth shatters and the sun darkens

The Saviour resurrects 

Appears to His disciples

Ascends into Heaven

And leaves us on earth


Till we meet again?

In Heaven?


As if waiting in an airport terminal

Wandering aimlessly from stall to stall

Waiting for our flight to be called

For our gate to be announced?




That is what the enemy would have us believe.

We were entrusted with a mission

To preach Him throughout the Nations, for all times

We were entrusted with a sacred objective

To shout His name from the mountaintops

To shine His light in a dark world

To be the salt of this earth


But how?


They rejected Him

Why would they listen to us?

They stoned the apostles

Prisoned, tortured, and killed the disciples

How can we carry on this mission?


This Mission Impossible!


We did get something wrong

Not how or why Salvation occurred

But how and why we are meant to live our lives

We have one goal: reaching heaven


But while on earth

We have one mission


The one the Holy Spirit came to help us undertake

To share the good news of Christ’s love

To share the good news that death was abolished

That we are redeemed

To share the next chapter in the story

The one that will continue, page by page, until His second coming.

On Pentecost, The Holy Spirit made our mission: Possible!


Pentecost Meditation: The Mission


In Christ,



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