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With so much troubling, worrying and negative news stories, I thought I would start a new tradition of finding positive articles, stories, or anecdotes that I would share with you to start the week. This uplifting news story was shared on (The Good News Network) and the link is attached at the end of the article. I have transcribed it here in case it gets removed by that webmaster at a future date.

Man Launches ‘Uber Eats-Style’ Service That Rescues Surplus Event Food and Delivers it to Charities

It’s been three years since Tony Colley barely had enough money to feed himself—and now, he is making sure that other people won’t have to suffer from the same hunger.

Colley is the mastermind behind B12Give—an “Uber Eats-style” project that rescues leftover food from catering events and donates it to homeless shelters and food pantries.

Thousands of Pounds of Food

Since he launched the project last May, he has picked up and delivered more than 11,000 pounds of surplus food to charities throughout the greater Toronto area.

Colley says he was inspired to start B12Give after he landed a job as a part-time event manager for a catering company. Throughout the course of his job, he was heartbroken to see the amount of surplus food that was thrown out at the end of an event—so he started delivering the meals to shelters on his bike after each event.

Others pitch in to help!

Now, retailers participating in the B12Give subscription service can simply send a text to Colley whenever they have food to pickup. Colley can then drive the food over to the charities within the hour, making B12Give the first barrier-free food diversion program in Canada.


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