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Mission Impossible: Lesson from a little bird

When little birds teach us big lessons,


As I was working this afternoon, a little bird (possibly a sparrow) flew right into my window! What followed was a ‘mission impossible’ reenactment.


Again and Again


I was startled by how hard the impact was and then I was shocked when the bird repeated this doomed mission 2 more times! The bird would fall down and reattempt to fly through a closed window.


How foolish this bird was, I thought! Why was it not getting the message?

It kept hurting itself in the process, and yet it kept going.


The bird did not realize that it would have hurt itself even more had the window been opened and it accomplished its mission.


This bird provided yet another reminder of our Lord’s infinite love and wisdom. Sometimes, what we consider “indispensable/ must have/ must achieve” can cause great harm and cause us pain and suffering as we pursue it.


Which is why the window remains closed.


In Christ,



Birds have been providing a lot of valuable lessons lately!

Here is another lesson I had learned in the past: Captain Crow

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