Playing the Jesus Card- checkmate!

3 signs that your child has superior debating skills


Your child is watching bloody animated dinosaur battles on youtube.

You intervene to stop the viewing and the following dialogue ensues:

‘Please stop watching this video, you will get nightmares’

‘I never have nightmares’ sign #1

‘But this is so violent’

‘Mommy, it is just a cartoon’ sign #2

‘Don’t watch dinosaurs killing each other, it will scare you.’

‘Nothing scares me because Jesus is in my heart, right?’  sign #3

Sign #3 is of particular interest: if your child emphasizes the ‘right?’ at the end of his/her statement, take it as a sign that you are TOAST. The child has learned that you can never beat the Jesus Card and is now using the card to his/her advantage like a master negotiator.

Abort the mission and retreat.

I certainly did.

What would you do? Leave me a comment below.

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2 Comments on “Playing the Jesus Card- checkmate!

  1. Jesus taught us to be like children , their thinking are pure, no yukki stuff , no dark thought, everything is bad, they are not a robot , they are smart , imaginative, .when my kids were small , when I tell them something , I don’t give orders, I just discuss the pour and contre, and if they are right , I listen to them.? Specially when they grow up , you are suppose not be only a mother , but their friend ,., your first 5 years , you stablished your way of life, What you except of them.?they grow up not lying because you don’t lie at them , anyway, I believe the first year are very important.? And it’s up to the parent to give them a good exemple.?
    How about your book .? Did you finish it yet.?? I can’t wait any longer. My sin is I have no patient.?? ❤️??
    Thanks , for all the Saints , may their blessing be upon us all.

    • God bless you tante Jano! You and me both need the Patience SuperHoly!! Love u loads- pls keep me in your prayers! ❤️

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