How faithful are we to Christ? Introducing: Philo and the Faithfulness SuperHoly!

Good day friends,

I have a question, actually, quite a few questions!

When did we stop talking about our faith?

When did we stop proactively sharing that we are Christian?

When did we stop being faithful to our faith in Christ?

At our first job? During University? College? High School? Or at an even younger age?

We are living in an era where it is politically incorrect to criticize any religion, except Christianity.

In fact, criticizing Christianity is almost evidence of one’s intellect and independence.

It is now accepted to openly mock the Christian faith, to distort Biblical truths in movies and to create heretical comic book characters. One of the best-selling novels of the 20th century stabbed at the heart of the Christian dogma, and no one batted an eye; maybe a few did, but their groans were muffled by the applauding masses.

This is the world in which our children are growing up. A world where we, as grown-ups, are sometimes hesitant to bring our Christian faith to the workplace, to discuss our beliefs within our social circle or to invite our friends to Church functions.

We are all willing to ask our companies for corporate donations towards noble causes, but we will never ask them to sponsor any church project. We simply would not dare.

I call that  “adult peer pressure” of the religious kind, the need to conform to the masses because it is simply too exhausting, energy-consuming, at times dangerous to stand out.

And our children are facing this exact type of peer pressure.

Don’t be fooled, peer pressure is not limited to cigarettes, alcohol, and narcotics. Peer pressure makes children want to “fit in” in any way they can. And I feel for them!

Adults succumb to wanting to belong, imagine what it must feel like for children!

The thing is though, we are not called to fit in. We are not called to follow the herd.

We are called to stand out and to follow the Shepherd.

We are called to be the Light of the World and the Salt of the Earth.

How often do we remember this in our day to day interactions?


More Importantly,

Do our children witness us being faithful to our faith in Christ regularly?

This is the purpose and the mission of the newest SuperHolies adventure: to empower our children to proclaim their faith to their friends, to their classmates, to the whole world and to never be ashamed to admit that they are Christians in a world that no longer accepts Christ.

To illustrate this concept, Philo is seen away from his Christian support system, he is on his own. He is at a camping trip and faces a challenge we have all confronted at one point or another as children and continuously confront as adults: standing firm in our faith at the risk of being ridiculed, of being ostracized.

Dear friends,

Allow me to introduce: Philo and the Faithfulness SuperHoly!

After becoming a cub scout, Philo rushed home to start packing for his first camping trip with his friends. His excitement was boundless!

What could be better than a few days of fishing, swimming and sleeping in a tent under the stars? When it came time to pack his Bible, Philo hesitated. How would his friends react if he prayed in front of them? Would they make fun of him?

Join Philo as he faces his toughest challenge yet: remaining Faithful to Jesus under peer pressure.

Every SuperHoly book has a special place in my heart. The first one, Philo and the SuperHolies, made my dream of introducing the SuperHolies to the world come true.

The second one, Philo and the Patience Superholy allowed me to pay tribute to my Coptic heritage and to provide suggestions for overcoming a common challenge we all face as parents:  teaching children how to behave during the liturgy.

The third book, Philo, Rose and the Joy Superholy made my heart swell, it was about our sweet Rose leading by example and teaching us all how to face difficulties with  Joy in our hearts.

This book, though, started out as being number 4 chronologically and in my heart to become my favourite one yet because of how much I believe in its message.

If our children grow up ashamed of their faith,

they will simply not remain faithful to Christ.

Take a look at the reviews the book has already received on Amazon and then grab your copy (or copies !) and share the book with your own circle of friends and family:

I am a huge fan of the Philo and the SuperHolies series, and this book is no exception. Most children who grow up in any faith tradition will encounter these moments when they are torn between faithfulness to God and the pressure to conform to those around them. This book illustrates these tensions beautifully while continuing the fruit of the Holy Spirit theme of the other books in the series. I highly recommend this book and the series to families and as gifts to the children in our lives!

I love the superholies!!! This is the 4th book in the series and I can’t wait for more!!! Love the message of each one so far! This was a great reminder to me and my boys to be strong in our faith no matter who is around!

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2 Comments on “How faithful are we to Christ? Introducing: Philo and the Faithfulness SuperHoly!

  1. God bless you richly dear, you are doing a great great job.
    Showers of blesdings.

    I am looking for kids biblical stories to give it to my cousin to teach her grand kid and unfortuantely their parents away far from God.

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