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Mireille Mishriky

After graduating with a Major in Journalism, Mireille’s career path took an unexpected turn away from her beloved pen and paper. It took an equally unexpected turn of events for Mireille to start writing again.

Having spent many hours (too many!) watching superhero cartoons with her son, she came to the realization that most Christian children are unaware of their own superpowers! She set about creating the SuperHolies: the Fruits of the Holy Spirit re-imagined as superpowers to grab the children’s attention and teach them about their faith and its glory.

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Featured Book

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Featured Book

Philo and the SuperHolies Colouring and Activity Book

Mireille Mishriky

The first collection of illustrations and activities based on the popular series Philo and the SuperHolies!The book contains the 9 SuperHolies in full color and the best loved scenes from the first 3 volumes in the series: Philo and the SuperHolies, Philo and the Patience SuperHoly and Philo, Rose and the Joy SuperHoly. With beautiful illustrations, inspiring verses and fun games, this collection will both entertain and empower children to activate their SuperHolies!

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