Holy Week activities for Orthodox families with young children

Only a few more days till Holy Week begins!


I can’t believe how Lent just flew by like that. In two days, we will be celebrating Palm Sunday and then observing Holy Week. 


Holy Week has been my favourite time of year for a very long time but that was not always the case! There was a time when I found Pascha services and Good Friday interminable! Mind you, I was 8-9 years old at the time. I would let my mind daydream while standing next to my mother and my eyes would get lost in the icons wondering when we would finally leave the church. This is why I created this collection of Holy Week activities that you can take with you to church to help your child observe and benefit from Pascha and Good Friday services without wondering when the church services will be over.


Holy Week for children


Thanks to the ingenious ideas of brilliantly creative souls, along with the liturgical rites, we can leverage these activities to help our children fully immerse themselves in the spirit of Holy Week while at church or at home.


I have scoured the internet to find fantastic, free, doable, entertaining, and spiritually beneficial activities, colouring pages, memory games, word puzzles, and resources to help our children to follow along with Holy Week services and prayers.


* Only two resources need to be purchased, but they are affordable and adorable.


Holy Week Activities for Orthodox families with young children


I compiled the results of my internet hunting expedition in the following presentation for ease of usage. Each slide contains a picture to illustrate the content and the link to the site.


I have also included an incredible resource:

A Pascha booklet for children that explains what happens during each day of Holy Week with the accompanying explanations, prayers, and meditations.


The slides begin with activities/resources for the whole week and end with a few that are specific to certain days of Holy Week and then Easter Sunday.


I wish you and your families a wonderful time partaking in these activities, and I pray that Holy Week, 2022, will be spiritually beneficial and uplifting for everyone.


Click on this link to access the document:

Holy Week activities for  young children


In Christ, 



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