Guardian Angels Exist! Introducing Angel John and Baby Nano.

Have you ever doubted the existence of Guardian Angels?


How about your child?


Guardian Angels exist, and they are more active and involved in our lives than we can ever imagine. This is why I set about writing a new children’s book series: to introduce this reality to those who don’t know about the existence of Guardian Angels and reassure those who doubt that their angels are watching over them.


By the grace of God,  Angel John and Baby Nano, the first volume in the Guardian Angels series, is now available to young children everywhere. The book is published by St. Mary and St. Moses Abbey Press and includes a foreword by HG. Bishop Youssef. It is geared towards younger children ages 3-7. (You can read the Abbey’s Book Announcement here)


Synopsis of the Book:

The book introduces Angel John, who is about to meet Nano, the baby entrusted to his care. The children will follow along as Angel John spends his first night by her crib side and will then go to sleep themselves, confident and reassured in the knowledge that their Guardian Angel is watching over them night and day.


I grew up with this picture of guardian angels above my bed, and just glancing at their cherubic faces filled me with peace and serenity as I drifted to sleep. As I grew older, my fascination with angels did not stop, and my ears perked up whenever an angel was mentioned in the Bible or the Synexarium. Guardian Angels are an integral part of the Coptic Orthodox dogma and not the material of fantasy or fiction: Guardian Angels exist!



We need to reassure our children:

Our world is growing darker by the minute, and our children, even the younger ones, are increasingly becoming aware of the evils and horrors that lurk around us. Angel John and Baby Nano is a story that aims to light a candle of peace and security in their hearts. I pray that this storybook achieves its mission while entertaining, reassuring, and empowering our children.


The book is available for purchase (single or bulk orders) from St. Mary and St. Moses Abbey Press bookstore and Amazon.


In Christ,



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