“Giving Him Thanks” – Luke 17:16

Luke 17:16 and Giving Thanks

Last Sunday, I had the blessing of teaching my angels about the importance of giving thanks. A topic that is dear to my heart; there aren’t enough minutes in the day to give thanks to our Lord.

My angels are all aged 3-6.

Small specification: all my Sunday school students are  angels- except my son, who spends most of the lesson devising elaborate ways to escape the class – it is a very heartwarming experience!

The story of the 10 Lepers:

The lesson centered on the miracle of the 10 lepers. Jesus healed them from their suffering but only one man returned to give  him thanks. I would not be surprised if the same percentage holds true, 2000 years later.

As with any lesson, for a younger age group, the challenge is to bring the story to life and to instill the values of the story. Real life, hands on experiences have proven to be the best way for young hearts to absorb the lesson.

Craft idea to drive the message home:

As such, we made ‘Thank You’ cards to be hand  delivered to the ladies of the kitchen team (or, as I fondly think of them, those responsible for the delicious breakfast we have after the Liturgy,every Sunday of the year!!).

The kids glued pictures of food (tornfrom the  weekly groceries flyers) and decorated the cards with stickers.

The Cards had a small message: ‘God bless your service’.


We left the class on a little field trip to deliver the cards to the ladies as they were finishing their service. They were surprised and pleased to see so many beautiful faces coming to tell them how much we appreciate their volunteer work.


Day to day applications for grownups:

Upon our return to the class, we started a discussion: do we give thanks to our Lord? Every day?

Morning and Night? Rain or shine?

What Should we thank Him for?

Do we thank Him for being born Christian? That we did not have to toil and suffer in order to find HIM?

I watch testimonies of people who risked their lives in order to get baptized and to live as Christians while I simply take it as my birth right.

Therefore, as I incorporate more thanksgiving in my prayers, I will make sure to thank HIM for the most important thing of all: being HIS daughter.

God Bless,

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