Sunday School Lesson about David and Saul

This week’s Sunday School lesson about David and Saul started off with an unusual activity.


We made lemonade! Bitter Lemonade. It took 12 lemons to turn a jug of water into a bitter-tasting beverage. And it took 3 tablespoons of sugar to turn the bitter beverage into sweet and refreshing lemonade. That was the introduction to our Sunday School lesson about David and Saul, returning good for evil and choosing forgiveness over anger and hatred.


*The same idea can apply to a lesson on ‘Turning the other cheek’.*


Lemonade experiment:

  • The children gathered around a table to squeeze the fresh lemons.
  • During the process, I asked them about their friendships and whether they ever have any disagreements/fights with their friends.
  • Most admitted that they had had falling outs with their friends.
  • The conversation continued as we squeezed more lemons and stirred the jug.

Sunday School Lesson about David and Saul: The Forgiveness Lemonade


  • I asked them how they felt when they had had a fight.
  • If their hearts were burdened?
  • If they felt bitter?
  • At this point, I poured a bit of the lemony water into their cups and asked them to taste it. Their beautiful faces contorted ever so slightly as they drank the acidic beverage.
  • We continued on with the conversation and the children started sharing their feelings and their coping mechanisms.
  • Then, we then added 3 tablespoons of sugar to the lemony water.
  • Another round of tasting followed. The children preferred the taste this time around, some even asked for seconds.


The Result of the Experiment:

I asked them if they realized how little sugar was needed to turn an entire jug of bitter, acidic water into a sweet beverage?

They did.


The same with forgiveness, I explained,  it takes very little to turn a fight into reconciliation. David could have killed Saul, TWICE, but he chose forgiveness.

He chose love.

He chose to trust in the Lord.

“For when the Lord delivered me into your hands you did not kill me.” 1 Samuel 24:18


A spoonful of love is all that is needed to turn any bitterness into forgiveness.


God bless,


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