Fierce Biblical Women Who Changed the Course of History!

International Women’s Day

Modern Day Icons

When we think of  International Women’s Day, we invariably think of certain icons; at least I do. To name a few, the following women spring to my mind: Frida Kahlo, Jane Austin, Rosa Parks, Catherine the Great, Queen Elizabeth I, Anne Frank.

Each one of these women accomplished what, up until their lifetime, would have been considered impossible. Whether in art, literature, politics, or activism, they left their imprint on the world.

They were fierce, determined, passionate, brave, heroic, strong.

How often do we think of Biblical Women in those same terms?

Do our children realize that the Bible is full of equally brave, heroic, determined, and strong women?

I often wonder why there is a prevailing notion that to be Christian means being timid, quiet, meek, a follower.

In honour of  International Women’s Day, I would like to turn our attention to women who have changed the course of history in the Bible and in Christianity.

While I have a particular fondness for our Holy Virgin Saint Mary, Saint Marina (read why here), and Saint Anastasia (read about how I discovered her in this article),  I would like to present to you 5 other women deserving of recognition on International Women’s Day and a family activity to bring their stories to life.

Instead of the traditional reading of their biographies, how about hosting a family “Interview Night” to celebrate women of character?

I have provided everything you need in the steps outlined below:

Family Activity:

Interviewing Strong Biblical Women

Setting the Scene/materials:

  • Set 2 chairs in the living room, facing each other.

  • Make a microphone (this site has simple instructions to assemble a cute microphone) or simply grab a spatula from the kitchen!

  • Index Cards

I have prepared the following interview template that you could use with your children to introduce them to lesser-known Biblical and Christian heroines.

I have also included links to their biographies online so you can customize the interview session as you see fit for your children’s age.

You can either print out the questions or write them down on index cards.

Interview Questions:

  1. What is your name?

  2. When were you born?

  3. Where were you born?

  4. What did you accomplish in your lifetime?

One child can ask the first question (as the interviewer/host) and you can provide the answer ( as the Saint), or you can have the children run the whole session (the one asking the question and the others posing as the Saints and then switching roles for the subsequent characters).

Here is an example of how you can host this interview with the first woman I am proposing: Jehosheba

What is your name?


When were you born?

Around 800 BC

Where were you born?


What did you accomplish in your lifetime?

I saved my baby nephew from being murdered so that he could become King- he was the rightful King.

Read her full story to the children here: The child was spared

The remaining 4 women

Empress Helena: She traveled to Jerusalem to locate the Holy Cross – 300 years after Jesus was crucified.

Link:  The Appearance of the Glorious Cross

Deborah: She was the only female Judge of Israel, and she was known for her compassion and leadership. 

Link: Defeating The Enemy

Jochebed: The Mother of Moses who defied the Pharoah by hiding her child for 3 months. Her faith was more substantial than her fear.

Link: God is mightier than Pharaoh

Yael: Warrior and killer of Sisera, the captain of the Canaanite army ( there is one graphic detail at the end of the story- you can gloss over the detail for younger children).

Link: Sisera is killed

At the end of the activity, ask the children who inspired them the most and why. 

You can then use their answers to start a conversation about our roles at Church, at school, with our friends, and in society.

Wishing you an edifying International Women’s day.

P.S. I have also researched books and other material on Amazon that feature Biblical Heroines and I have attached them below for your reference (affiliate links).

In Christ,



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