Father God I wonder- A Thanksgiving Reflection.

I wonder how long it would actually take me if I  wrote everything I should be grateful for?








For health, safety, knowledge, freedom, family, friends, prosperity, and well-being.


I could spend days listing the subcategories in each of the fundamental blessings I already mentioned. And many more days listing items in each of the subcategories. But this year, I would like to focus on one specific blessing.


But there is a blessing that I always take for granted.

As I listened to my favorite hymn at church yesterday, it dawned on me that I take

being God’s own child for granted!


Here is an excerpt of the hymn that inspired this Thanksgiving reflection:


Father God, I wonder how I managed to exist

Without the knowledge of Your parenthood and Your loving care

But now I am Your child, I am adopted in Your family

And I can never be alone

Cause Father God, You’re there beside me

I will sing Your praises



How awesome is this blessing, this grace? I was simply born into this reality:

  • I did not search for it (as millions have throughout the ages).
  • Fleeing from persecution to find salvation was not my lot.
  • I did not suffer unbearable tortures for my faith, as the martyrs did.
  • Practicing my faith in secrecy as millions of Christians still is not my reality.

I was simply handed this inheritance on a golden platter and a wooden Cross.


Truly, I wonder how I could have ever deserved this blessing.


May we all sing His praises forevermore.


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