Sunday School Lesson: Most expensive hotels in the world vs. a manger

How do you explain our Lord’s humility to third graders?


That was my objective of our Sunday School lesson about Christmas. The essence of the lesson centers around the birth of Christ in a lowly manger. Or, more accurately, His reason for choosing to be born in a manger among livestock.


As anyone familiar with the basic tenants of Christianity knows, Jesus ( king of the world and Lord of lords) chose to be born in the most humble of circumstances in order to teach us a lesson and to lead by example:


  • Humble ourselves.
  •  Forsake Materialism.

They are concepts that we internalize as we grow older but are maybe difficult to conceptualize as children, especially in the context of a Sunday School lesson about Christmas!


Introduction to the lesson:

In order to facilitate the discussion, I started off the lesson with a video of the 5 most expensive hotel rooms in the world:


Top 5 Most Expensive Hotel rooms


The kids were amazed by the pictures and the price tags, as I was when I was researching the topic- $24,000.00 per night?

I then asked them to describe the rooms in one word and they came up with ” amazing”, “elegant”, “incredible”.

  • I asked them if they found the rooms were clean?
  • Had a nice view?
  • Nice furniture?
  • Did they look comfortable?

They all nodded in agreement.

The Christmas connection:

I then contrasted this video with this one of the Nativity (we stopped at minute 1:21): Nativity


I then asked them to reflect on how the Manger compared to the expensive hotel rooms.

They totally got it!


Life applications of the Christmas Sunday School Lesson:

It allowed us to have a discussion about Humility and how to apply it in our own lives.

  • How to forsake materialism (toys/ games) 
  • Be mindful of others (respect if other children have fewer toys or belongings)
  • Always mimic the humility of Christ.

One of my favourite spontaneous comments while watching the hotel rooms: ” This room is as expensive as a car!”


In Christ,


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