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Do your children know Micaiah? They should; he could change their lives!

Micaiah the prophet could change our children’s lives once they learn about him!


Pop Quiz:


Who was Micaiah the prophet?


No, not Mica- Micaiah.


Can you find his story in the Bible? Which book is it in?


If you said 1 Kings 22, you would be correct.


You would also be among the few who could recall this minor prophet. 


There are certain Old Testament stories that most Christian Children know by heart:

Noah’s Ark
Moses and the 10 Commandments
Daniel in the Lion’s Den
David and Goliath


But for someone like Micaiah the Prophet, children (and a majority of adults) draw a blank.


This is why we started a new children’s biblical series that brings lesser know Old Testament figures to life.


While we know very little about his life, what we know is admirable, astonishing, inspiring and worthy of a storybook where he shines like the star that he was!




The Super Secret TreeHouse Bible Club–Micaiah the Prophet (vol. 1).


Acts Press, the publishing arm of St. Athanasius & St. Cyril Coptic Orthodox Theological School, publishes the series



The life of Prophet Micaiah (the coles notes edition):

He was the son of Imlah and one of the 4 disciples of Elijah.

Prophet Micaiah’s middle name should have been: Truthful.


This is a man who risked the anger of two kings and 400 prophets to say the truth entrusted to him by God.


When two mighty kings wanted confirmation that their military campaign against the King of Syria would end in victory, they sent for the 400 prophets who knew the desires of their hearts and told them what they wanted to hear.


400 prophets assured the kings that victory would be theirs and did so by lying. When the kings sent for Prophet Micaiah, they expected the 401st confirmation. Instead, they got what they had not bargained for: the truth.


Rather than rewarding him, they imprisoned him and set about on their campaign, which ended in destruction and death.


Our storybook introduces children (ages 6-12) to the world of Micaiah the prophet, to his integrity and truthfulness, which will inspire them to follow in his footsteps.


Author’s note:


The names of the main characters hold a special place in my heart:

Marina–my intercessor during my struggles with infertility.

Marcorios–Saint Philopatir Marcorios is my patron Saint.

Theodore–I first prayed at the monastery of Saint Theodore, where the relics of Saint Marina are housed, before visiting her church. Since then, Saint Theodore has become one of the beloved Saints in our family.


Book Synopsis:


“How can I do everything the Bible says?” Theo wondered. Join us in this wonderful series from the author of “Philo and the SuperHolies,” as Theo and his friends embark on many adventures in their Super Secret TreeHouse Bible Club. There, they will learn how to live the Bible through the teachings and stories of lesser-known saints from the Old Testament. In this first adventure, Theo and his friends meet the prophet Micaiah, who teaches them about the importance of honesty.


Ordering Information:


The book is available on Acts Press, single or bulk orders: order here.


Or on Amazon: order here.


I hope and pray that our children will enjoy reading about the prophet Micaiah and decide to imitate his unwavering commitment to the truth.


Pick up your copy today!

God bless,

In Christ,




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