Dis-moi Papa Noel- Uplifting French Song

One of my favorite French singers, Claude Barzotti, released a beautiful Christmas song in 1993.

The lyrics implore Santa to forget about bringing toys for the kids. Rather, Santa should focus on the adults.

The young girl who accompanies Claude, also implores Santa to focus on the adults.


As the lyrics go, the adults are in desperate need for Santa.

Given what is happening in the world lately, this song is becoming a prayer for me.


My very basic translation in Italics.

Claude: (the singer)

Emporte dans ta hotte des paquets pleins d’amour : bring packages full of love

Invente-nous des notes à crever les tambours: invent musical notes that would shatter the drums (of war) 

Donne-nous du bon sens, donne-nous de la foi: give us wisdom and faith

Et de la tolérance et du respect de soi : tolerance and self respect.

L’ENFANT: (the child)

Je compte sur toi Père Noël je ne sais plus quoi faire: I am counting on you as I no longer know what to do.

Lorsque les grands s’en mêlent j’ai peur de leur colère: when the grownups get involved, I am wary of their anger.

J’ai besoin pour grandir, d’un peu de liberté: I need a bit of freedom to grow up.

De règles et de sourires et de sécurité: I need rules, smiles and security.

My favorite lines:

Et de tout respecter et même l’ennemi: help us to respect everyone , even our enemies.

Dis-leur Papa Noël, que notre terre est belle: tell them Santa that our earth is beautiful.

Qu’on ne fait pas la guerre pour un mot , une frontière: That they do not start wars over a word or  a border.


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