Covid-19 is our Spiritual Belly of the Whale

Different types of whales…

Jonas, Jonas, Jonas…how could you ever think you could run away from God?

I mean, you believed in God, you were His prophet, and yet somehow you managed to convince yourself that you could run away from the almighty. Your fear silenced your faith, and instead of believing in God’s provision, in His guidance, you believed in yourself, in your decision not to carry out the mission.

And where did that land you, in the belly of the Whale!

God arranged for your solitary confinement so that you could return to your senses and call onto Him to rescue you from yourself.

Had it not been for the Whale, you would have jeopardized your salvation, maybe for good!

Thousands of years had passed since that fatal decision when your shipmates threw you into the sea, and a whale swallowed you and your delusion up, which is why I can reflect on your choice with apparent shock and a touch of self-righteous finger-wagging.

I wonder what future generations will think of us. Will they also wag their fingers at us, shake their heads in disdain, and wonder how we did not learn our lesson yet again?

You see, what if Covid-19 is our spiritual Belly of the  Whale?

And what if, instead of seizing this opportunity to get closer to God, to grow in our walk with Him, and to rededicate our life to gain eternal life, we squander this opportunity where life has slowed down to allow us this very reboot?

We have many questions regarding Covid-19; a few of the more popular ones come to mind: its origin, its root cause, its future implications, but few concrete answers, scientifically sound answers are provided.

What if we are asking the wrong questions?

How about asking what God is trying to change in hearts that are running away from Him, half of the time, consumed as we are with the day-to-day matters of life: work, family, children, school, and the list goes on.

I do not intend to provide an answer to the question: did God cause covid-19 or not. Far more eloquent and knowledgeable fathers have already answered this question here.

However, I am inviting all of us not to waste this opportunity while we are still inside the figurative belly of covid-19.  Because Covid-19 can be our Spiritual Belly of the Whale.

Few suggestions:

  • Less television, more family time playing board games.
  • Fewer novels, more time spent reading the Bible.
  • Less judging and gossiping, more praying for those we find difficult to get along with.
  • Less music and more hymns and praises.
  • Less career-enhancing workshop and more time devoted to sermons and spiritual courses.
  • Less focus on earth, eyes focused on Heaven.
  • Less Us, more Him.

I pray that covid-19 is a memory by next Jonah’s fast.

In the meantime, I wish you and your family a blessed fast as we gear up to Holy Lent, and may we harvest the fruits of our spiritual efforts during our time in the belly of the covid Whale.

In Christ, 


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