Coco Chanel did not have a son!

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Far be it from me to complain.

I am not complaining.

I am just relaying an incident and if you can detect a sound of big-girl sobs then it is purely your imagination!

My beloved son decided to enhance the ambiance of his bedroom by spritzing air freshener thought the room.

The only problem to his attempt at creating an olfactory paradise was his choice of air freshener: he used my eau de parfum Mademoiselle.

Before any one assumes that this is some kind of declaration of his affection towards me, let me remind you that this is the same boy who once compared me to a penguin.

Have a great week everyone!

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By Mireille Mishriky

After graduating with a Major in Journalism, Mireille’s career path took an unexpected turn away from her beloved pen and paper. It took an equally unexpected turn of events for Mireille to start writing again.After spending many hours (too many!) watching super hero cartoons with her son, she realized that most Christian children are unaware of their superpowers!She set about creating the SuperHolies: the Fruits of the Holy Spirit re-imagined as superpowers to grab the children’s attention and teach them about their faith and its glory.

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