Yummy Recipes: Authors can be foodies too!

When your cooking is compared to canned goods!

No fancy-schmancy here! Some people like to exaggerate the elegance of a dish they cooked and make it sound fancy. For example, calling pigs in a blanket "cocktail sausages in a delicate puff pastry shell". I have to overcome the opposite challenge: my family is suspicious of any “fancy” sounding dish I present. I find myself downplaying the name of any new recipe just to ensure that they will actually give it a chance! This is how Nigella Lawson’s delicious Greek Lamb Stew recipe became known as Beef and Pasta! (I switched the lamb for beef because lamb is not...

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Best Vegan Cookbooks full of easy & delicious recipes to help end the repetitiveness of vegan suppers during the 55 days of Lent!

Man cannot live by bread alone… True! But 55 days of vegan suppers can get repetitive pretty quickly. This is why I have been reading vegan and vegetarian cookbooks to help end the repetitiveness of vegan suppers during the 55 days of Lent! I always start out Lent with the best Spiritual objectives in mind: more time studying the Bible, less time devoted to worldly activities. Usually, I also start with ambitious culinary intentions, as well. For example, I delude myself into thinking that I will not serve the same dinner twice during Lent. Holy Week is my exception Holy...

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Comfort food – memories that warm my heart.

Food is our love language My family loves food. All of us. I think we secretly mistrust anyone who does not. We love to eat it, shop for it, prepare it, discuss it, and plan for future meals while still in the middle of one. Food is even a gift of choice. As a teenager, I had the chance to visit Paris and returned home with a wheel of camembert and a small tin of foie gras for my father; he welcomed these gifts as if they were precious stones. After the glow and warmth of the Holiday table, the...

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