Musings and Reflections

When passion is louder than doubts- Vincent Van Gogh

Good day dear readers, What are you passionate about? When you were younger, what did you dream of becoming? If you could quit your day job, how would you spend your days? Would you be exploring the wilderness, capturing nature in breathtaking photographs, sculpting, writing? What is holding you back? What is holding us back from indulging in our passions? Fear of failure? That fear kept me captive for years and still ambushes me every week , like clock work. I leave you with this eloquent quote from a brilliant artist who battled his own demons. I refer to it...

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My Resolution: No Resolution – Repeat from 2017

The countdown has begun. A few more days till we welcome a New Year with all its promises of dreams realized and new resolutions. I go through the same exercise every year: a personal audit of the Resolutions I swore to uphold and the tally of the ones I actually upheld. It is usually a grim 25 minutes with me, myself and I and we never agree. The usual contenders for top resolutions never change ( exercise being a repeat offender). This year, I have vowed to changed the outlook and the vocabulary. I will not formulate Resolutions. I will,...

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Words of Wisdom- Fishers of Men

I LOVE this reminder: fishers with a net and not hunters with bullets. Loving rather than judging. Serving rather than condemning. Welcoming rather than burdening. "Come, follow Me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men." Matthew 4:19 Have a great day and God bless! More Faith based posts here: Like the post? Please Share it! Get your copy today! Check out these Reviews on amazon! Books by Mireille Mishriky      

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