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Heartwarming Valentine’s Day Activities for Christian Families

Creating wholesome Valentine's Day Memories   Whether or not you enjoy Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day cards, candies, and activities bombard children for a few days every year. Whether at school, at extra-curricular activities, or on television, our children are introduced to notions of romantic love throughout the year.   To solve this dilemma, I searched…

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How to enjoy Halloween as a Christian family? There are ways!

Christians can enjoy Halloween!    I hope you are enjoying the fall/autumn season and taking the time to admire the beauty of the changing colours.     Halloween is being celebrated by young and old this week in many countries worldwide. Halloween is a MEGA celebration in North America, on which 2.6 billion dollars are spent…

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A Coptic Renaissance has started- meet the Coptic Innovators behind it!

Michelangelo, Leonardo, Coptic Creators   The Renaissance was a time of creative genius, artistic innovation, and intellectual transformation. The treasures created during the Renaissance surpass any made before and rival many created since then.     What if I told you that the Coptic Orthodox Church is experiencing its Renaissance? Would you believe me?…

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