Family Journal

Blessed Feast of Saint Philopatir Mercurius – Abu Sefein.

I was drawn to Saint Philopatir when I discovered a book about his miracles. I was a teenager then and reading about Saints was not high on my list of priorities. However, I fell on the first collection of his miracles entitled God loves me and I got hooked. All of his miracles were imbued with grace and extreme kindness.

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Classic Scam: a child at the $ store.

It was hard to carry on the negotiations as I was also battling voices in my head: “let him have it, it is just $2” , “it is the principal, would I buy it if it cost more?”, “why deny him a small treat?” “no, if you give in now, you will always give in”, “what harm will it do, it will make him so happy”, ” he should understand that he will not always get what he wants in life”, ” he is only a child once”.

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