Faith & Coptic Traditions

Advent First- Santa Second! Keeping Christ in Christmas!

Christmas expectations in North America vs. Christian expectations: How can we possibly convince our children that Christmas is about the birth of Christ and not Santa, gifts and stressed-out parents? Our son has come to expect the Christmas tree to make an appearance with the first snowflake to hit the pavement. He associates winter and snow with Santa and gifts. When we had the first snowfall, on Sunday, he immediately asked if we could put up the Christmas tree when we returned home from church. In North America, this is the logical correlation that kids make. After all, the Christmas...

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Sunday School Lesson: How do we practice Hospitality?

Do we practice hospitality only with our friends and family members or do we practice hospitality on a daily basis? How many times have we opened our homes to complete strangers? Let me rephrase this question (I realize that safety concerns may have led you to answer my question with a resounding “Never”.)

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SuperHolies’ Summer Camp Fun

The SuperHolies went to Summer Camp! The weather is getting colder and the days are getting grayer; nothing like pictures of sweet angels enjoying the SuperHolies at summer camp to add some warmth and light to my Monday! This summer, Saint Paul's Coptic Orthodox Mission Church of Chicago, leveraged the SuperHolies during their summer camp. I feel blessed and honoured that the SuperHolies were deemed useful to teach children about the love of Christ. My dear friend Sandra sent me these beautiful pictures and the ingenious way that the SuperHolies were incorporated into the material: ''The kids all had a...

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