Adventures in Sunday School

Ancient Traditions for A New Generation – Coptic Saints

How do you introduce Saints to today's children? One of the challenges of introducing Coptic Saints to a "modern" generation resides in the Iconography. Coptic Icons are an honoured and cherished tradition of the Coptic faith. Because the icon contains many symbols, they are able to transmit the essence of the Saint's life as well as salient features of their journey. But,  at times,  they can be slightly intimidating for a young audience who is now accustomed to animation as the norm. Enter: Our Heavenly Friends. This is a fantastic Sunday School Program created by Laura Philopateer from which...

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Sunday School Treasure Hunt:How to create your own Sunday Funday!

Moment of truth: Sunday School is not always ‘fun’.  At least not by the kids’ standards of what constitutes fun. There are no video-games, super heroes or animation. They are required to sit down and to listen to “a lesson”, either a story or a spiritual concept or to learn about the history of the Church ( through discussions about the Feasts, Fasts and Sacraments).

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