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Who’s Saint Day is it anyway? Life with a Coptic Boy

"What did you do at Scouts today?" "We did activities for Saint Matthew's day!" "You mean Saint Patrick`s day?" "Oh yeah! Saint Patrick! Do we celebrate him? Cause I know the other Saints!" One day, I pray that we all celebrate all of the Saints' days without regard to denominations. God bless other funny posts: Other posts you might enjoy: Like this post? Please share it using these icons listed below: [DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS] Get your copy today- Browse our entire book collection by clicking on this link: Click Here to read the Books' Reviews on Amazon! [INSERT YOUR CUSTOM IMAGE...

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Rent Woes – life with a Coptic Boy

  While driving, on our way to a social, the following conversation ensued as he was reading street signs and Billboards: "Mommy, what does 'a louer' mean?" "It means: available for rent." "What does 'rent' mean?" "It means that you have to pay money to the owner of the building if you want to live in one of the apartments." "What! Does this man not know Jesus? He just wants to get rich?" I guess business-owner/entrepreneur can be eliminated (for now) as career options! Other posts you might enjoy: May the Force be with you Like this post? Please share it...

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Classic Scam: a child at the $ store.

It was hard to carry on the negotiations as I was also battling voices in my head: “let him have it, it is just $2” , “it is the principal, would I buy it if it cost more?”, “why deny him a small treat?” “no, if you give in now, you will always give in”, “what harm will it do, it will make him so happy”, ” he should understand that he will not always get what he wants in life”, ” he is only a child once”.

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