Announcing the newest SuperHoly adventure!

Hello friends, It is a blessing and a privilege to be announcing the 4th SuperHoly book during Lent! What better time to introduce the Faithfulness SuperHoly than during our journey towards Salvation? Philo and the Faithfulness SuperHoly, the newest in our series, is slated for publication in the summer of 2019! Philo is facing a new challenge, one that all of our children experience at some point, proudly proclaiming his faith in a society that has grown accustomed to ridiculing Christianity. Here is a sneak peek – for your eyes only – ok, you can show your children too! Should...

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New Year’s List of Solutions not Resolutions

This New Year, commit to a set of Solutions, not Resolutions There is something intimidating about New Year’s Day. While it is a blessing to have a new beginning, a clean slate, a blank canvas, it is also overwhelming. The possibilities are endless but also limited by our individual set of circumstances. Example: it is possible to book a one-way ticket to Paris, open a ting bookstore/café and spend the days with fellow minded bookworms munching on buttery croissants. My circumstances kindly remind me of my responsibilities and point me towards alternatives: Montreal has quaint bookstores, delicious cafes and its...

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Advent First- Santa Second! Keeping Christ in Christmas!

Christmas expectations in North America vs. Christian expectations: How can we possibly convince our children that Christmas is about the birth of Christ and not Santa, gifts and stressed-out parents? Our son has come to expect the Christmas tree to make an appearance with the first snowflake to hit the pavement. He associates winter and snow with Santa and gifts. When we had the first snowfall, on Sunday, he immediately asked if we could put up the Christmas tree when we returned home from church. In North America, this is the logical correlation that kids make. After all, the Christmas...

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