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Blessed Feast of Saint Philopatir Mercurius – Abu Sefein.

Today we celebrate the blessed Feast of Saint Philopatir Mercurius- Abu Sefein, our family’s patron Saint.


Friendship with Saints

What makes us drawn to a certain Saint more than another? Do we connect with aspects of their lives or their spiritual struggles? Is it by association? I grew up in a family who loved Pope Kyrillos the 6th, so naturally; as a result, he became one of my Saintly friends. Saint Philopatir was more of an “acquaintance” of the family rather than a friend.


*Incidentally, my friend Laura has a great program for children to introduce them to Heavenly friends; you can read about it here: Heavenly Friends*


I can’t really remember when Abu Sefein became my favourite Coptic Saint. And I also can’t remember when Saint Francis of Assisi became my favourite Catholic Saint, but I long for the day when I no longer have to make this distinction, and we are all one denomination! However, both Saints entered my life when I was a teenager and have become important heavenly friends ever since.



I was drawn to Saint Philopatir when I discovered a book about his miracles when I was a teenager. I stumbled upon the first collection of his miracles entitled God loves me, and I got hooked.


Grace and extreme kindness imbued all of his miracles. He appeared when he was needed and when the caller was just about to lose hope.  


A heroic figure, a knight in shining armour, and a kind friend. 

You can read his story here: St Philopateer Mercurius Abu Sefein.


As my admiration for Saint Philopatir increased, I longed to have a son to name after his namesake. As the Lord is merciful, kind, and abundantly generous, He granted the desires of my heart, and we were blessed with a son who we named Philopatir.


We are celebrating the feast of our Heavenly friend today and pray that his blessings are with us all, always.


Blessed Feast of Saint Philopatir Mercurius – Abu Sefein!


In Christ,


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