Blessed Fast of the Holy Virgin Saint Mary

Two weeks full of blessings!

This is one of my favourite times of the Coptic year: the fast of the Holy Virgin Saint Mary.

Two short weeks that pass by in the blink of an eye and yet provide spiritual nourishment for weeks thereafter.

The Virgin Mary is celebrated and venerated by different denominations throughout the world. In Egypt, I used to love attending  El Shahr El Maryami (the month of the Virgin Mary). We used to attend the nightly vigils at the Maronite Church in Cairo; an experience that was at once exotic (the Lebanese Arabic dialect differs from the Egyptian one) and yet comforting ( hundreds of faithful chanting praises for the Virgin Mary).

This specific hymn is one of my absolute favourites; I can’t recall if I first heard it in Egypt or if I discovered it in Canada. It has now become one of my son’s favourite hymns as well!

This particular line is touchingly beautiful: O Mary, your heart is the source of love and you come to the aid of those who are hurting.

How true!

I wish you and your families a blessed fast of the Holy Virgin Saint Mary.

God bless!

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