A hymn for the blessed fast of the Holy Virgin Saint Mary

My favorite hymn for the blessed fast of the Holy Virgin Saint Mary


This is one of my favorite times of the Coptic year: the blessed fast of the Holy Virgin Saint Mary. These two short weeks pass by in the blink of an eye and yet provide spiritual nourishment for weeks thereafter. This is why I wanted to share my favorite hymn that celebrates Saint Mary during her fast.


Saint Mary is beloved by all:

The Holy Virgin Saint Mary is celebrated and venerated by different denominations throughout the world.  For example, in Egypt, I used to love attending  El Shahr El Maryami (the month of the Virgin Mary) celebrated by the Maronite Church of Lebanon

We used to attend the nightly vigils at the Maronite Church in Cairo; an experience that was at once exotic because the Lebanese Arabic dialect differs from the Egyptian one, and yet comforting thanks to the hundreds of faithful worshipers chanting praises to the Virgin Mary.


A beautiful hymn to chant during her fast:

While I can’t recall if I first heard it in Egypt or if I discovered it in Canada, this beautiful hymn is one of my absolute favorites and has now become one of my son’s favorite hymns as well and I am particularly fond of this touching verse: 


”O Mary, your heart is the source of love and you come to the aid of those who are hurting.”



I hope that you have enjoyed this hymn as much as I do and I wish you and your families a blessed fast of the Holy Virgin Saint Mary.


In Christ,



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