Be that person in a child’s life!

Every family has at least one

When I was younger, I was enchanted by a lady in our family. She was not someone that I saw regularly; in fact, her visits were the best surprises and occurred when I least expected them. She always came bearing presents. You might think that this was her allure. After all, to a child, any unscheduled present, one that did not fall according to the cycle of birthday-Christmas-Easter, was a treasure.

The real gifts she brought was her extreme warmth, unbridled love, undivided attention and kindness. When she walked into the room, I was instantly happier, reassured, serene in the knowledge that as long as she was there, the world was less daunting.

I remember her often. Always with a smile and with an extreme sense of gratitude that she was part of my childhood.

The world needs more angels like her, now more than ever.

Teta Touta was her name and I  have never met anyone as kind as her.

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