Grateful even while spinning out of control.

Do you remember playing with a spinning top toy? It had a pretty simple mechanism but it was very entertaining.
Push down on the lever and the top would spin round and around on its axis, blurring the images into a whirlwind. We probably watched it spin forever.
Do you feel, as I do, that we have become the human equivalent of our childhood toy?
On the best day, I feel like I have spun out of my own orbit a hundred times. Running from work to home, making supper, taking care of any household chores and then rushing to whatever sport/activity on the schedule for the night. I am out of breath simply recounting what an average day sounds like for most parents.
Spinning round and around and around with our levers pushed down to the maximum.
I am not proposing any solutions. I have not found the answer to the age-old question of simplifying modern life. Far from it.
Instead, on my way to swimming practice, after a particularily grueling day at work, I realized that I was beyound fortunate to be driving my child to his activity.
Shall we analyze my past sentences:
Driving : access to a car – a privilege along with vision, mobility and general health.
My child : millions struggle with infertility.
Swimming lessons: the financial capacity of providing an activity that will help my child develop a lifesaving skill.
Household chores: millions of refugees have lost their homes.
Making supper: millions are dying of hunger and malnutrition.
Work: millions are searching for employment.
And here I am , feeling frazzeled from the abundance of privileges that were heaped on me.
I pray to remember this realization every time I catch myself spinning out of gratitude and into complaints.

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