Are they crazy? How could the Copts still have faith?

Are they crazy? How could the Copts still have faith?


I normally post a Joke, on social media, on Monday mornings, to ease us into the work week and to chase away the Monday blues. However, I do not have the heart to laugh this morning.


You see, I am Coptic.


It is an honor and a blessing that I inherited, through no merit of my own, but through the grace of God. I was born into a  2000 years old faith. An unshakable faith that was preached by Saint Mark in the first century A.D.


The Coptic Church has defined Orthodox faith, established the monastic tradition, fought heresies, and thrived on a steady stream of persecutions and blood baths. Wave after wave of martyrs has strengthened the faith of the Coptic church. The latest one happened yesterday. The Coptic congregation, worldwide, spent yesterday in tears and prayers. And we woke up today more faithful than ever.


I don’t blame you if you are secretly wondering:

Are they crazy? How could the Copts still have faith? 


Surely a congregation that is often in sorrow, throughout its 2000 years history, persecuted in its own ancestral land, rejected by the rulers of its homeland, discriminated against, and yet who stubbornly clings to its beliefs must be mad!


  • So why do we cling to our Faith with such ferocity?
  • Why do we continue to forgive those who persecute us and pray for those who shed the blood of our people?
  • Why do we continue to preach love and peace?

Because we are Coptic Orthodox!


Because we have experienced God’s unconditional love.

Because we believe that Jesus died on the Cross to save us.

Because we have experienced millions of miracles, Saintly intercessions, heavenly apparitions.

Because we have been comforted by our Lord, throughout the generations, throughout the massacres, attacks, discrimination, and killings, up to this day.

Because Faith can’t be rationalized but surrendered to, like falling in love.

Because we have experienced the peace that comes from our faith.


And today, as we watch the funeral of our newest 25 martyrs, we will continue to chant: Lord have mercy. I invite you to read up on the History and Faith of the Coptic Church. Don’t let this latest massacre be another news item, make it your personal mission to discover our Lord.


The people in the church did not count on being in Heaven by the end of Liturgy.

It is a wake-up call to all of us.


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  • December 12, 2016

    I am in tears as I read. I don’t know what happened, but as someone who has a special love for Egypt, I am moved beyond words. My heart goes out to you and all our brothers and sisters out there.

  • Ireini G.
    December 12, 2016

    Well said Mireille!
    With every bloodshed of our brave martyrs , our faith becomes stronger.. Our Lord Jesus himself shed His precious blood for us ..! He even said that in the world you will have tribulations…
    But, I still struggle with sad feelings towards those who lost their loved ones.. and I feel pain in my heart for the kids and husbands who lost their wives or mothers..

    Lord have mercy!

  • December 12, 2016

    I love how you said, “Faith can’t be rationalized but surrendered to, like falling in love.” That’s absolutely beautiful. And it doesn’t make sense, does it? To respond in love to people who act in such hate and cruelty?! But such is the paradox of Christianity, “They will know we are Christians by our love”… my heart goes out to those in Egypt affected by this atrocious act.

  • jen
    December 13, 2016

    There’s a saying in western Christianity that the worst thing that ever happened to the Church is that it was legalized. Those of us in the West have no concept of what it is like to be part of a faith that is persecuted. I had to explain to people today that what happened yesterday is the equivalent of someone setting off a bomb in the Vatican during Sunday Mass.

      • jen
        December 14, 2016

        My pleasure. 🙂


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