And The Oscar for Coordination goes to…

As a lifelong klutz, I am always in awe of anyone demonstrating the slightest coordination.

As documented in other Montreal Train Chronicles posts, there are some mighty coordinated people on the train.

I sit in awe as a lady opposite me is applying eye makeup, flawlessly, as the train is speeding along while also balancing her OPEN breakfast container on her lap.

I, on the other hand, usually end up looking like a Panda when I attempt any eye makeup application  (while on solid ground) and have been known to burn my tongue while sipping coffee!

One day, I will stop moving like a marionette! I hope!

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4 Comments on “And The Oscar for Coordination goes to…

    • Awwww!!! My love! Thank u!! Must show you how my winged eyeliner application quickly morphs into a Panda recovering from a hangover!!

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